Sarens Installs Wind Turbines in Poland
Braving the high-speed winds, Sarens safely installed wind turbines in Biała Góra in North Poland
April 2024

Sarens was called on by our client Enercon to offload and install wind turbine sections in Biała Góra, in northern part of Poland.

One of the key points considered during the planning phase was the coordination of mobilisation equipment on different dates and the need to plan configuration changes seamlessly throughout the project. Sarens recognised the importance of adaptability in the face of evolving project requirements and ensured that every aspect of the operation was meticulously planned to maximise efficiency and minimise downtime.

Sarens deployed the AC200, Explorer5500, and SL3800. The SL3800, equipped with two configurations - LSL_1 84 + 12m and LSL+LF3 108+12m - demonstrated its prowess in lifting heavy loads with ease. With a maximum lifting capacity of 165+50+195t, the SL3800 proved to be a reliable ally in the installation of the turbine components.

The equipment was mobilised in five days. Despite the oversised dimensions of some cargos, Sarens ensured seamless transportation and coordination, minimising delays and maximising productivity.

The concrete tower, weighing 84T, and the WEC installation, with a maximum lifting capacity of 63T, required meticulous planning and expert execution.

Throughout the project, six of our highly skilled employees worked diligently to ensure the smooth execution of each phase. A large assembly site and specially prepared access roads in the forest facilitated the installation process, highlighting Sarens' commitment to overcoming logistical challenges in remote locations.