Sarens installs pedestrian bridge in France
Sarens installs a mobile pedestrian bridge over the Paul-Vatine Basin in Le Havre, France
October 2023

Sarens worked for our client Vinci Construction Maritime et Fluvial to install a mobile pedestrian bridge over the Paul-Vatine Basin in Le Havre to improve pedestrian and cycling connections.

The pedestrian bridge is a unique footbridge with a sliding platform that allows boats to pass through.

The bridge consists of four essential elements - two fixed parts, a movable part, and the floor. The movable part of the footbridge can be retracted to allow the passage of boats, facilitating navigation in the basin while maintaining pedestrian and cycling connectivity.

Sarens deployed the crawler lattice boom crane SCX 2800-2 which was mounted on a barge to access the installation site of the pedestrian bridge. The team accurately worked out the execution plan to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment.

The large-scale lifting operation was carried out in four stages for installing four sections of the bridge:

  • The first fixed part, located on the south side of the footbridge and weighing 68T, was positioned on July 21, 2023.
  • The central movable part, also nicknamed "the drawer," and weighing 59.8T, was installed after three days.
  • The second fixed part on the north side, weighing 48.6T, was next to be integrated into the structure during the third stage of installation.
  • Finally, the floor of this movable part, weighing 17T, was securely fixed ensuring the safety of the footbridge users.

The installation of this mobile pedestrian bridge represents a significant advancement in Le Havre's connectivity. Pedestrians and cyclists will now be able to cross the Paul-Vatine Basin without interruption, promoting sustainable mobility and improved accessibility between neighborhoods in Le Havre. Additionally, the smooth flow of navigation in the port will be preserved thanks to the intelligent design of the footbridge.

Sarens Project Manager, Romaric Marvie says, “The expertise of the Sarens team led to the successful installation of the mobile pedestrian bridge proving Sarens as the most trusted partner for complex lifting operations.” He adds, “Each of the four parts of the bridge were meticulously installed to ensure a strong and durable structure.”