Sarens Installs New Bridge Deck on the A46 Stoneleigh Junction.
Sarens installs 730T bridge deck as part of the A46 Stoneleigh Junction improvement project in Coventry, UK
November 2023

Sarens collaborated with our client Colas SIAC to install the 730T bridge deck on the A46 Stoneleigh junction for National Highways in Coventry, UK. 

The bridge was constructed near the main installation site to minimise traffic disruption.  Sarens was contracted to jack-up the bridge, transport it to the installation site, and finally jack it down. 

To address the challenge of narrow space adjacent to the A46 highway the team decided to use the 36 axle-lines of K24ST SPMTs arrangement along with four CS350 jacking system to transport and install the bridge. Six CS450 jacking system to pre-jack the bridge deck to provide clearance for the SPMT arrangement. 

The equipment was transported from Sarens yard in Middlesbrough and Sarens headquarters in Belgium using 28 trucks. The entire set-up including assembly of equipment and pre-jacking the bridge with CS450 to allow SPMT arrangement to be installed and jacked with CS350 took two weeks. The heavy winds during the preparation phase added to the challenge. 

The concrete and steel bridge deck measured 38mx19.5m and weighed 730T. It was lifted at the construction site by the SPMT arrangement, carried into position across the A46, and jacked down into pockets between the steel reinforcement onto the new abutment walls.

Sarens Project Sponsor, Tom Betts says, “The Sarens team showed great spirit as well as the usual professionalism to deliver this project showing how Team Blue delivers project efficiently and safely whilst a large audience of client, owner, and the general public watched on.”