Sarens in Poland Shines at Sochaczew Family Job Fair
Bridging Careers and Community
May 2024

On May 17, 2024, the picturesque town of Sochaczew in Poland was abuzz with excitement as the "Family Job Fairs" took center stage. This unique event, organised by the local Labor Office, combined the traditional job fair format with a family-friendly picnic atmosphere, making it an extraordinary occasion for the whole community. The event not only catered to adults seeking employment but also welcomed young people finishing their studies, providing a comprehensive platform for career exploration and family fun.

The Family Job Fairs took place in Sochaczew, a significant location for Sarens in Poland – also known as Sarens Polska, as  its main office is situated in this vibrant city. As a key local employer, Sarens in Poland was proud to participate and present itself to the community. Its presence was marked by a well-equipped booth, staffed by three dedicated members of its Polish HR department, who were on hand to engage with attendees and share insights about the opportunities at Sarens in Poland.

Sarens in Poland: A Pillar in the Community
Sarens in Poland has been a cornerstone of the Polish industrial landscape for the better part of a quarter of a century. With a workforce of 232 employees spread across three strategic locations—Sochaczew (the main office), Gdańsk (North depot), and Sosnowiec (South depot)—it is well-positioned to serve the diverse needs of its clients. The extensive fleet includes telescopic cranes with capacities ranging from 80 to 750 tonnes, lattice cranes (including two LG1750 SX), crawler cranes, and truck cranes. This equipment supports operations across various sectors, including construction, petrochemical, energy, civil works, and wind projects.

Comprehensive Services and Competitive Advantage
Sarens in Poland prides itself on offering a wide range of services. These include crane services, transport, construction supervision, and the rental of skilled manpower, such as crane operators and riggers. Its competitive edge lies in its flexibility and ability to tailor services to meet the specific needs of its clients. With an extensive array of equipment and a team of highly skilled specialists, it is equipped to handle even the most demanding projects.

The Importance of the Family Job Fair
Participating in the Family Job Fairs in Sochaczew was a strategic move for Sarens in Poland. As the event was held in its local city, it provided an excellent opportunity to showcase the company to potential candidates and reinforce its presence in the community. Sarens in Poland aimed to highlight its commitment to hiring both white-collar and blue-collar workers and to inform attendees about its training programs for future crane operators. The goal was to attract enthusiastic individuals eager to join the team and contribute to the company's ongoing success.

The job fair also featured a diverse range of other participants, including banks, military institutions, police, the local hospital, retail chains, and food producers. This diversity underscored the broad spectrum of career opportunities available to job seekers in the region.

Looking Ahead
As Sarens in Poland continues to grow and evolve, events like the Family Job Fairs are crucial for its recruitment efforts and community engagement. By participating in such events, the company not only finds potential employees but also strengthens its ties with the local community, ensuring that it remains a trusted and valued employer in Sochaczew and beyond.

Sarens in Poland remains committed to excellence, community involvement, and providing exceptional service to its clients. The company looks forward to participating in future events and continuing its tradition of being a reliable and innovative employer.