Sarens Hoists Power Line Towers in the Snow Belt of Ontario
Sarens hoisted powerline towers on snow covered mountains for a 600km power line in Ontario, Canada
March 2021

Sarens was commissioned by our client Valard Const to lay the foundation and hoist electricity towers for a 600km power line in White River, Ontario, Canada. 

The project began during the peak Covid-19 pandemic in July 2020 and will continue through December of 2021. The power line towers had to be installed on the mountains which were remotely located and accessibility was a challenge. The terrains were difficult and selecting the equipment with good boom length and capability of travelling on the hill slopes was crucial. 

The team decided to deploy two 160T and three 200T all-terrain cranes. It took 16 hours to drive the crane to the first installation site, 1200km away from the yard. 

Each power line tower was 61m tall and weighed 2000 pounds.  According to the Project Manager, Luke Goodfellow, “There were some very small set-up spots on certain mountains and accessibility was a challenge but our all-terrain cranes with long boom were able to install the towers on these remote sites safely.” He adds, “The weather was an additional challenge, the temperature dropped down to -40 degrees but our crew is working relentlessly to honour all project timelines.”