Sarens Helps Kick Off a New Era of Space Exploration at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center
From the Moon to Mars, Sarens helps NASA get ready for “mission accomplished”
April 2024

The new mobile launcher being built at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida is destined to launch new galactic achievements from the Moon to Mars–and Sarens is proud to be part of this trailblazing new era of exploration.

In early 2022, our client, Bechtel, entrusted Sarens with a heavy lift and transportation contract for the construction of the new mobile launcher. Sarens was selected because of a track record of results, innovation, specialised engineering expertise, and the know-how to get things done safely and right–the first time. Together, Sarens, Bechtel, and NASA performed specialised and detailed engineering as they kicked off this construction mission together.

In August 2023, onsite assembly of the mobile launcher 2 (ML2) base frame began, with Sarens mobilising an M2250 Maxer, M999, and SPMT 24L + 2PP for work on this special operation. An LR1350S will soon be added to the equipment fleet as work continues.

Sarens was involved in the roll-off activities of the truss steel for the launcher’s base frame, which had been fabricated off-site and shipped to Kennedy Space Center by barge. Because the offsite fabrication yards were located in Louisiana and South Carolina, barge transport was the most effective means of conveyance. 

Sarens engineering worked hand-in-hand with Bechtel engineering to ensure the truss steel made it safely to the Kennedy Space Center dock for the roll-off operation. Once onsite, the truss steel had to undergo an intense corrosion protection process, and Sarens SPMTs assisted in moving it through this process before it finally reached the assembly location. There, Sarens cranes assembled the trusses.

This is only the beginning of this exciting project for Sarens, and we are thrilled to contribute to the expansion of the NASA Space Exploration Program and its mission to the Moon and Mars. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as there will be more heavy module jacking, transportation, and lifting with our CC8800-1 in boom booster configuration!

Sarens would like to recognize the talented team of professionals who are working together to further NASA’s research, development, and success in its quest for continued US space exploration and galactic endeavours! We look forward to supporting this project as it continues.