Sarens Expands Its Reach in Estonia: A Growing Market for Crane Services
April 2024

Sarens, a global leader in heavy lifting and engineered transport, has been making its mark in Estonia since 2020, setting its sights on a nation with a promising economic landscape and burgeoning construction sector. As the company establishes its presence in the Baltic nation, it brings with it a fleet of hydraulics boom all-terrain cranes ranging from 55 to 100 tons, ready to cater to a variety of lifting needs across different industries. To further server clients, with larger cranes up to 500T lifting capacity, Sarens also has the support of our well-established branch Sarens Balticum in Lithuania.  

Estonia, with its dynamically developing economy, holds significant promise for Sarens. Not only does it boast its own thriving economy, but it also maintains close cooperation with the Nordic markets, providing ample opportunities for growth and collaboration. The strategic location of Estonia further adds to its appeal, serving as a gateway to the wider Northern European region. In fact, Sarens in Estonia is our base for planned offshore projects and functions as a bridge to further expand our operations in Finland.

In terms of sectors, Sarens anticipates heightened activity in several key areas within Estonia. The construction of both civil and military facilities stands out as a prominent sector, reflecting the country's investment in infrastructure and defense. Additionally, the chemical plants and energy sector facilities present avenues for substantial crane usage, aligning with Estonia's focus on energy independence and industrial development. Furthermore, as a logistics hub, Estonia's demand for lifting services extends to support its logistical operations, further diversifying Sarens' potential clientele in the region.

The deployment of Sarens' advanced crane technologies in Estonia not only facilitates the efficient execution of projects but also underscores the company's commitment to safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction. With a proven track record of handling complex lifting challenges worldwide, Sarens brings unparalleled expertise and experience to the Estonian market, poised to support the nation's infrastructure development and industrial growth.

As Sarens continues to expand its footprint in Estonia, it aims to forge lasting partnerships with local businesses and contribute to the country's economic progress. Through its dedication to innovation and excellence, Sarens remains steadfast in its mission to deliver lifting solutions that exceed expectations, driving success and prosperity in Estonia and beyond.

In conclusion, Sarens' establishment in Estonia marks a significant milestone in the company's journey, tapping into a market ripe with opportunities and potential. With its robust crane fleet and unwavering commitment to quality, Sarens is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of Estonia's construction, energy, and industrial sectors, catalysing growth and development in the region.