Sarens Executes a Titanic Wind Sector Transportation Project 
Sarens enlarges its fleet with new equipment to move wind turbine sections on challenging terrain
September 2023

Sarens was asked by our client to provide the transporting of wind turbine generator (WTG) elements for ACWA Power’s 1GW wind power project in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. The sections had to be transported from the border of China to Bukhara region in Uzbekistan via Kazakhstan. 

158 sets of WTGs sections, four transformers, and special lifting tools have to be delivered within 18 months via a challenging terrain en route. Each WTG set contains:

  • Four tower sections with a maximum weight of 96T
  • Three blade sections of 29T each
  • One hub section weighing 44T
  • One nacelle section weighing 129T

To rise to the challenge, Sarens worked out the transport plan in detail. Given the magnitude of the project, news fleet items were recruited. We invested in state-of-the-art technology, opting wherever possible for the greenest technology available. 

  • 25 Faymonville TeleMAX for blades
  • 32 Faymonville MultiMAX trailers for towers S2, S3 and S4
  • 11 Faymonville MultiMAX trailers with cranked axles for S1 tower
  • 32 Mercedes Benz Arocs 3358LS 6x4 trucks with latest EURO-VI emission technology

All trailers and trucks were delivered from Europe to Almaty, Kazakhstan, via road, sea, and railway in a record 30-day window frame. All the trailers were delivered in ready-to-use condition. A challenge we faced and addressed were the custom requirements of three different countries: China, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. 

For the detailed route study and transportation planning, we also invested in trailer-simulation software. The software helped us to estimate the correct road modification cost, finding the most appropriate and shortest route, and trailer simulation on road turns.

According to Project Manager, Elvira Kolenko, “Transporting the wind blades was very challenging for us. The 84m long blades along with the trailer and track length measured around 105m.” He adds, “Almost 50 000sqm of civil ground preparation was done including: modifying of road turns, bypass, widening the road, etc. We also removed and relocated more than 60 light poles, wire cables, and road sign boards. All modifications were done with prior permissions and respecting the local authorities and guidelines”.

For Sarens to complete its mission, more than 1422 trips of 3800km for round trip are required. We expect this truly titanic endeavor to successfully conclude next 30.10.2024.