Sarens Engineering Makes Big Moves at Sarawak Methanol Project in Malaysia
Sarens SPMTs and cranes load in, transport, and install vital facility components
May 2023

With the new Sarawak Petchem Methanol Project in Bintulu, Malaysia nearing completion, Samsung Engineering entrusted Sarens with the load-in, land transport, and installation of 48 modules that make up the factory. In addition to the onshore heavy transport of these 26x47x25-metre modules, Sarens was also charged with heavy lifting work of various components, including process unit modules and columns, using its CC8800-1, CC2800, and CC2400 cranes.

As part of this operation, in January of 2023, Sarens began by loading in the 1.571-tonne modules at the jetty, where they had arrived from Vietnam via seven barges. The crew then transported them approximately one kilometre using a transport configuration of three 36-axle Kamag SPMTs. These were then reconfigured to six 22-axle lines at the foundation area, where the crew would execute a transverse movement installation onto the foundations. 

Sarens conducted careful and stringent engineering and planning before and throughout the operation, accounting for the soft and often unsuitable ground at the foundation site. To mitigate this, the team laid steel plates along the SPMTs’ transport and installation path, which included a 250-metre uphill slope at about a 2,4 percent gradient.

With the new plant’s completion in March 2023, the Sarawak Methanol Project is expected to nearly double Petronas Chemical Group’s production in Malaysia. Sarens is proud to have been part of this pivotal project and congratulates everyone who helped to make it a success!