Sarens Assists in the Reconstruction Project of the Mažeikiai Oil Refinery
Sarens performs heavy lifts for the reconstruction of the Mažeikiai Oil Refinery in Lithuania
October 2023

Sarens in Lithuania is performing one of its most prestigious projects of the reconstruction and upgrade of the Mažeikiai Oil Refinery in Mažeikiai, Lithuania.

The upgrade of the Mažeikiai Oil Refinery will help Lithuania embark on its ambitious endeavor to redefine energy independence, spur economic growth, and pave the way for innovation in the region. The country aims to enhance its refining capabilities by overhauling and modernising the refinery, reducing its reliance on foreign sources. This strategic move secures energy supplies for the future and empowers Lithuania to become a self-reliant energy powerhouse in the region. The project is also designed to focus intensely on sustainability, adhering to the latest environmental standards. With cutting-edge technologies and a focus on eco-friendly practices, the project sets the stage for a prosperous and innovative future.

Sarens will be deploying nine key equipment to perform the heavy lifts at the refinery upgrade project. The LTM 1500-8.1 and ATF-400G-6 performed the first set of lifts in September 2023 to install engineering devices. Working in tandem, both cranes can handle over 100T of load smoothly.

The motile squad, consisting of three LTM 1060 – 3.1, one LTM 1055, and one LTF 1045, assembled sections for new engineering structures at the reconstruction project site. Mobility and long booms of LTM 1060 – 3.1, LTM 1055, and LTF 1045 make them the perfect choice for metal construction installation. Meanwhile, the versatile Terex AC 100/4L and LTM 1090 helped unload structures and equipment at the project's storage yard.

Artūras Dadurka, the Key Account Manager for Sarens Balticum, expressed his optimism about the project, stating, "The Mažeikiai Oil Refinery Reconstruction Project is a big step forward for our country and region. It will be the first refinery of its kind in Europe and one of the biggest projects in the history of independent Lithuania. Sarens Balticum is thrilled to contribute significantly to its implementation as the main lifting equipment provider."