Sarens Assists in the Construction of Rapid Transit System Link in Malaysia
In a short rental project, Sarens lifts beams of the Rapid Transit System Link in Johor Baruh, Malaysia
January 2024

In the heart of Johor Baruh, Malaysia, Sarens assisted in the construction of the Rapid Transit System Link, marking a significant milestone in the region's infrastructure development. Spearheaded by Malaysia Rapid Transit System Sdn Bhd (MRTS) and commissioned by Trans-Elite, the project aims at enhancing connectivity and transportation efficiency.

Sarens was asked by the client to execute the intricate task of beam launching, employing the LR 1750 (750T Crawler Crane) configured with a main boom of 77m_SDBW. The selection of this equipment was a strategic decision, perfectly aligning with the requirement of the jobsite as well as the beam dimensions.

The LR 1750 was chosen for its capability to lift heavy load in a congested space. Transporting the equipment to the site was completed in 3 days in which the equipment was transported  284km from Sarens yard in Lukut to the installation site. The assembly process took nearly one week, with the added challenge of limited space near a railway track for setting up the crane.

The LR 1750 lifted and placed 25 beams, ranging from 26.8T to 181.6T, within a limited two-month timeframe. The operation proceeded smoothly, with the crane slewing to position the beams on bridge pillars sideways. The dedicated crew of 1 supervisor, 1 safety officer, 5 riggers, and 1 operator ensured the safe and efficient completion of the project.

According to Sarens Project Supervisor, “The Rapid Transit System Link project stands as a testament to effective project management, strategic equipment selection, and a skilled workforce.”