Sales Insights from Sarens
An exclusive interview with Gert Hendrickx, Sales Director, Projects
April 2017

From sales strategy to new in-house developments, Gert Hendrickx shares his thoughts on sales at Sarens. Read the full interview below:

What makes Sarens different from other players in the market?

Three things: our entrepreneurial spirit, a we-can-do-it mentality, and the ability to deliver a variety of lifting and transport equipment, manpower, engineering, and solutions worldwide.

Which noteworthy projects will Sarens be working on in 2017?

We'll be working on the Tengizchevroil (TCO) project in Kazakhstan, which is the largest in our Group's history; transport and lifting of offshore wind-related monopoles in the UK using the biggest cranes in our fleet; and the biggest single bridge move ever done in Australia (3.000t and 200m length).

What is your sales strategy for 2017?  

As a global player, we have the ability to move our focus from one region to another, moving equipment and manpower accordingly. With low oil prices and limited work in oil and gas-related projects, we will be more aggressive in other markets like civil and infrastructure, power, and onshore wind. We will also continue developing our nuclear market potential, both in new build and decommissioning.

How does social media marketing affect sales?

It definitely has an impact on the visibility of the company, and is a fast and easy way to give major projects more exposure. But we need to be realistic: as much as social media can be an advantage, it can also work against us. Good follow-up and consistent use is key.

How do you use technology to enhance sales performance? 

We're in a very technical business, so state of the art technology has a major role in the performance of our sales group. Sarens is proud to have always been a trendsetter in new technology within our industry, from the CC88 and CC38 with boom booster to our Sarens modular barges. Our sales people are trained to highlight these technologies in conversations with customers.

Which markets do you think will drive demand for heavy lifting and transport this year?

On and offshore wind, civil and infrastructure, and power.

We have observed a slowdown in the oil and gas market. What do you believe drives sales during challenging slowdowns like these?

Fortunately, we have the ability to act and react quickly in changing market conditions. We have our experts in different market segments, but these people also have the ability to shift focus and adapt to these changes. That's a main advantage of a globally organised sales team that allows us to get closer to customers, be more responsive to their needs, and be proactive while selling.

Which new services, or in-house developments is Sarens working on in the coming years? 

We recently launched the Terex PC3800 and CC38 with boom booster and further development of our Sarens Floating Foundation Installer is ongoing.