Sarens Undertakes Lifting and Transport Work at a Refinery in North Lincolnshire, UK
Sarens provided transport and heavy lift solutions for the turnaround at a Refinery in North Lincolnshire, U.K
July 2019

The refinery recently underwent a turnaround and Inspection, to carry out maintenance and realise investments at the site.    

Sarens were awarded the contract to perform several lifting and transport operations at the site. The project was undertaken during the plant shutdown period and therefore our crew had a lot of pressure to meet time constraints where all lifts had to be completed in a Safe and timely manner. 

Our engineering and operations teams brainstormed to plan and execute the project. They had to consider the following points:

  • Make sure the support structures, being built to support the old refinery components for refurbishment, where built in the correct location to avoid any possible collision with the crane back mast/superlift tray during lifting operations and still had to remain within the lifting parameters of the crane.
  • Arrange for additional outrigger matting due to site ground bearing pressure restrictions.
  • Make sure that the secondary superlift tray is located at a higher level than the crane standing area. 

The team decided to deploy the Gottwald AK680-3 with a maxi lift configuration, 101m boom length, and 600T maxi lift counterweight. Along with the AK680, Sarens also supplied around 16 cranes with general scope ranging in capacities from 60-700T.