Press release Oil sands project
Sarens was awarded one of the largest projects in its history, the CNRL project in Fort McKay (Alberta, Canada). The contract is an entry into the oil sand market not only for Sarens but also for its client, Tecnicas Reunidas (TR), based in Spain. Pre
July 2014

The unit that will be constructed will process oil sands (large reserves of oil embedded in sand) into bitumen which can then be turned into more value added fuels. This plant will be designed and built using modular technology with modules weighing more than 600 tons being lifted with a Demag CC8800-1 (1,600 tons capacity crane). Sarens will transport the modules from a lay-down area to underneath the crane's hook with its SPMTs (Self-Propelled Modular Transporters). Modular technology reduces the construction time needed which will be critical given the extreme cold weather conditions in Alberta (up to -50°C). The total project duration is anticipated to be 22 months with the first lift scheduled in February 2014.

Canada has the third largest crude oil reserves in the world and most of these reserves are located in the province of Alberta. This project is a key element of Sarens' entry into a market with large potential in the present and future as the company continues its worldwide expansion.