Press Coverage 2016
Sarens releases the compiled book of its media presence for the year 2016
November 2016

It is with great pleasure that we have compiled the PRESS COVERAGE 2016. It contains a selection of clippings of feature articles, interviews, and other press exposure Sarens has enjoyed across the world in 2016. 

Great thanks go out to all of our clients, Sales colleagues, engineers, field people, Country Managers, Regional Directors, and all of those who give us impressive projects to market. 

Special thanks to our journalist contacts who have taken keen interest in Sarens work. Their talented pens make it possible for the heavy lifting world to stay updated on extraordinary engineering work. 

Last, but certainly not least,  we thank the publishers for offering Sarens the podium to share important news of our industry thus spreading best practices. Your honest and enthusiastic interest in publishing real news is proof that integrity in journalism and publishing  is still thriving.

Kleopatra Kyrimi
Group Marketing & Communications Manager