Sarens Releases the New #Howwedoit Short Documentary on the Queen of Cranes, the SGC-120
The new documentary features how Sarens assembles the SGC-120 having a lifting capacity of 3200 metric tonne
July 2017

Sarens proudly presents a brand new documentary on how the queen of cranes, the emblematic SGC-120, is assembled. This is the new documentary of the #Howwedoit series for Sarens.

SGC-120, one of the key cranes of the Sarens fleet, is a 130m crane with a 3200 metric tonne lifting capacity. The crane is a reliable heavy lifting machine with high load moment, limited footprint, low ground bearing pressures with good on-site flexibility. Having versatile lifting configurations the crane can be deployed across diverse sectors and despite of its huge size it can be flexibly transported all around the world. 

In the video, the SGC-120 is being assembled in Newcastle, UK to carry out the load-in, load-out and assembly of wind jackets for the Beatrice Wind Farm. In words of Sarens' Engineering Manager, Global Technical Solutions, Peter Huygebaert, "The assembling of the SGC-120 is in itself a project which requires precise planning and execution".

The production of the documentary involved over 10 days of filming with drone cameras and high-end ground cameras supported by four crew members. 30 post-production hours were spent to edit infinite footage, brand, copy-write, and invest with music and voice over this video.

Enjoy the video here and keep sharing it!