Managing Restricting High Tide Conditions, Sarens Skids, and Loads out Modules in Malaysia 
Sarens works at the Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering West Yard in Johor to skid, and load-out modules
August 2023

Sarens was asked by our client  Malaysia Marine and Heavy skid, and load-out heavy modules for the EPCIC SK408W Jerun Field Development Project at the Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering West Yard (MMHE) in Johor, Malaysia. 

The greatest challenge was the tide restriction which considerably reduced the operation window. Sarens also had to provide full contingency for the skidding equipment and ballast systems. Detailed planning and precise engineering calculations were done by the team prior to the execution to minimise the risk and meet the timeline. 

Additionally, Sarens proposed backup systems for contingency. The teams also installed the secondary strand jack at Dead Man Anchor other than the usual anchor block to ensure that we meet the timeline before the tide comes down. 

For the project, our crew used: 

  • 8 Strand jacks with a capacity of 588T (Four as primary and four as backup)
  • 44 submersible pumps
  • 4 800T breakout jacks
  • A set of ballast/tide/barge monitoring and ballast tank sounding

The equipment was swiftly moved from Vietnam to complete the time-sensitive project. Project Manager, Ridzuan Jamiran stated, “As a result of good coordination within each department, the equipment arrived at the MMHE yard in 10 days.” He adds, “Within next 10 days, Sarens installed eight strand jacks and 44 submersible pumps, functionally tested all the equipment, and was ready for the operation two days ahead of schedule.”

Considering the 300m distance from the current to the final position, the Jerun A jacket, weighing 11209T, was safely and successfully, skidded, and loaded out within the designated timeline.