Sarens Helps Build The Cachan Station for Le Grand Paris Project
Sarens assists in construction of Cachan station of the future transport network of Grand Paris Express
October 2017

Sarens was contracted by Vinci Construction France, who won the contract for the construction of section T3C of the future line-15 South connecting Fort d'Issy-Vanves-Clamart to Villejuif Louis Aragon. The contract, worth 926 million euros concerns the construction of an 8km, five new stations (Châtillon Montrouge, Bagneux, Arcueil-Cachan, Villejuif Gustave Roussy Institute, Villejuif Louis Aragon), and eight wells. The total duration of the project is 70 months. 

To execute the project, Sarens selected the LR1200SX since it had 68m boom length at a radius of 8m which was beneficial to execute the lifts in the constrained space. A counterweight of 81t   and 36 carbody were attached to the crane. The crane was transported from Canada for this special project by boat to the Netherlands and finally via road to Paris. 

A crew of two operators working in two shifts carried out the lifting of metal cage and pile driving with a maximum weight of 60t. The crane will be at the site for 12 months performing Heavylift operations. 

In words of the project manager, Jean-Sébastien Gomila, "Sarens is proud to be associated with the prestigious Le Grand Paris project. The entire operation went safely and our teams meticulously planned the lifts, given the space constraints as the job site was in the center of the city".