Sarens Praised for Challenging Lift at KNPC Clean Fuels Project
Client congratulates Sarens for safe and timely installation of critical refinery component
January 2017

Sarens is proud of our engineers and operators, who often get positive client feedback on their expertise, skill, and professionalism. Just recently, Consolidated Contractors Company congratulated the Sarens team for its exemplary execution of a challenging lift at the Mina Abdullah refinery.

Consolidated Contractors Company had awarded Sarens a contract for heavy-lifting operations at the Kuwait National Petroleum Company's (KNPC) clean fuels project. They were impressed with the team's level of commitment, professionalism, efficiency and teamwork during the engineering and execution phases.

That praise is hard earned, because the team had to execute an extraordinarily challenging lift. The record-setting lift of the refinery's 1.5000T crude distillation column was the first of its kind at a KNPC site. It involved intertwining the SCT system with the neighboring reactor's bolting pattern, all within a limited working space.

This type of configuration, while challenging, has its benefits: it allows for a shorter lifting beam and removes the need for a guyed tower system, which ultimately leads to faster and safer execution.

To complete the operation, the Group deployed:

  • 70m-high Sarens climbing towers
  • CC8800-1 in SSL configuration
  • CC2800-1
  • LR1250

Sarens would like to commend the 25 skilled operations staff that executed this project so flawlessly, and to thank them for their hard work and dedication.