Decease of Jan Sarens
Last night the Sarens family and the Sarens Group have been informed about the tragic news of the decease of Jan Sarens. Jan Sarens has been shot on Saturday the 23rd of February at 16.43h local time in Acapulco on a parking lot of a shopping mall in the
July 2012

Jan Sarens, who leaves behind three children and one grandchild, worked for the Sarens Group in Mexico. A short while after the start of the activities in Mexico the Sarens Group became the victim of scams by their then partner, the Mexican enterprise Gruas Ojeda. This conflict led to a long juridical struggle, which was finally arbitrated in favor of Sarens, but which agreement has still not been executed.

After the Sarens Group had been able to recover a part of their material, Jan Sarens exended the Mexican branch into a flourishing entity exploiting some 50 cranes and empoying 200 staff.

However this success was overshadowed by the fact that the ex-associate didn't keep to his refund obligations and the Sarens Group was forced once again to call in the help of the Mexican court. Within this situation death threats have been made against Mr. Sarens and the director of the Mexican group association. Sarens already pleaded his case several times with Foreign Affairs.

The Sarens family and the Sarens Group will insist with the local and Belgian authorities to trace the culprits of this condemnable act and to investigate the motives. In this framework new consultations with be held with Foreign Affairs.

The near family will travel today to Mexico to take leave of Jan Sarens. The family and employees of Sarens wish them all the best.

 The Dutch version of this press relase can be found here.