Sarens Lifts Loop Reactors at IOCL’s Paradip Refinery, India
Sarens CC2800-1 crane lifts 8 reactors at polypropylene plant in Odisha
September 2017

When FabTech Projects needed to lift eight loop reactors at the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) plant in Paradip, Sarens stepped in with the expertise and equipment to execute a flawless operation. 

The polypropylene plant, which will be commissioned in 2018, is one of India's most modern refineries. Now in the advanced stages of construction, it will be equipped to produce polypropylene based on the latest Italian Spheripol technology. 

At the outset of the project, Sarens' lifting supervisor visited the site to discuss the feasibility and engineering considerations of lifting eight loop reactors within a 3-month timeframe. They analyzed the challenges and discussed optimal crane placement so that the engineering team could come up with solutions. 

Based on careful load calculations, Sarens engineers determined that the CC2800-1 crane would be ideal for the job. The 600-tonne crane would be set up in SSL/LSL configuration, with a main boom of 90 metres. This crane had been an excellent choice for past operations, and the team was confident it would be a good match for the IOCL lift. 

The crane was transported to the job site within three weeks, and the team spent one week assembling it once it arrived. 

One engineer, two operators, and four riggers worked together to lift the loop reactors, which weighed 120 tonnes, measured 53.7 metres high, and had a radius of 22 metres. The team used the CC2800-1 as the main crane, slewing it 90 degrees to the location with 1-2 metre crawling as per requirement. 

The operation was a success and the team did well despite various challenges, like monsoon weather, poor road access, and space limitations. 

"The project was really challenging due to constraint of space, and was well executed with the sincere effort of our operator and the help of our client," says project manager Manojit Mandal. 

"It was a perfectly-planned, well-coordinated and executed project by Sarens," says India country manager Abhishek Jain. "The team overcame the challenge of strict timelines, space constraints and poor road access, completing the project before the deadline."