Sarens Hoists a 50-Bell Carillon for Puurs Municipality
Sarens lifts 50 bells weighing 4.5T to hoist a carillon at the Saint-Pieter church, Puurs
May 2017

The municipality of Puurs, located in the Belgian province of Antwerp, recently completes its 725 years of existence. The anniversary of the town's foundation was celebrated by installing a carillon at the Saint-Pieter church. Saint-Pieter Church, built in the 15th century, is a very large church and is referred to as the region's cathedral. Its baroque-style bell tower was added in the late 17th century. The classical center piece was completed in 1744.

The new carillon for the bell tower of the church comprised of 50 handmade bells in high quality bronze and the biggest bell out of the fifty, weighing 400kg, was provided by local brewery, Duvel Moorgat. 

Sarens, with a proven experience in safe lifting, was contracted by the municipality to hoist the carillon on the church tower. A total weight of 4.5T was required to be lifted. Sarens deployed its 70T class mobile telescopic crane. Each bell was lifted in a safe and meticulous manner; the project implementation was a treat to watch for the residents.

 The greatest challenge was to accurately position on platform and one-by-one pull the bells inside the church through the opening at the top of the church tower.

The residents of the Puurs municipality enjoyed the event and witnessed the Sarens tall blue crane lift the beautiful bronze bells. From now on, residents and passers-by can hear the carillon playing.

Enjoy the video of the operation here here.