Sarens Installs Three 58-tonne Autoclaves in Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium
Unloading, transport, and installation come together for a successful operation
June 2019

When Etex Group, a building materials specialist in Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium, needed to install three 58-tonne autoclaves, they turned to Sarens for heavy lifting expertise.

Sarens executed the project in three parts: unloading, transporting, and installing the autoclaves. First, Sarens worked with client Hegmann to unload the autoclaves using a 500-tonne capacity telescopic crane. Then the crew transported them through the site using SPMTs. The autoclaves, which measured 40 metres long and had a radius of 16 metres, need to be manoeuvred expertly through confined spaces.

Next, two telescopic cranes were positioned inside the hangar for the lift. This required the help of a third crane due to the limited height inside the hangar, but rigging was complete within four hours. Next, the the 250-tonne and 200-tonne capacity cranes moved with millimetre precision to install the three autoclaves for Etex Group.

This transport and installation operation was complete within two days, thanks to the commitment of six skilled crew members including a project manager, site supervisor, project engineer, and three crane operators. Sarens commends everyone who took part in this project!