Ingenious Module Transport Rigging and Lifting
Sarens in South Africa performs the transportation and rigging of 24 modules weighing 1,500 Tons.
September 2016

Sarens in South Africa was awarded the contract for the transportation and rigging of 24 modules encompassing an estimated design mass in excess of 1,500 Tons, the largest being 248 Tons. This was undertaken in alignment with Sasol's Integrated Management Team's (Sasol-IMT) requirements. The Sasol-IMT constitutes a collaborative conglomerate of various third party EPCM, design, commercial and modularization specialists. The Sasol-IMT which would be heading up the construction management for the transport and rigging, in turn contracting Sarens on technical merit.

The modules were pre-fabricated 12 km off-site at the module assembly yard, and constructed specifically to include completed structural steel, mechanical plate work, piping, electrical and instrumentation (SMEIP) disciplines. The concept behind modularization arose from, amongst others, the limited and tight brownfields site conditions, as well as the high probability and consequence of hot works being performed within a live plant, in which highly combustive propensity chemical and gaseousat risk conditionsapply, thus averting and eliminating such risks by implementing remote construction principles.

The project was planned to be undertaken within a planned baseline duration of 90-days executing the works in implementing the use of the following major machinery and manpower resources;


  • Terex/Demag CC8800-1 (SWSL 60/48 configuration with maximum SL CW ballast of 380 T)
  • Kamag 2400 36 AL SPMT's (In varied module dependent configuration)
  • LTM 1750-9.1 (TYVEN: 35m fly jib 174t CW ballast)
  • AC500(CC8800-1 support crane)
  • GT900 (CC8800-1 & Site support crane)

Meticulously undertaken planning, route studies, collaboration and coordination with municipal, provincial, national, international and intercompany stakeholders, have all cumulatively contributed vastly to Sarens' interim success in the completion of this project. From module design to manufacture, and for the purpose of determining lifting equipment requirements, the Sasol CTFE project, is the African continent's first such project whereby Sarens continuous input was engaged to the extent of dimensional confirmations, determination of actual weights and actual Centres-of-Gravity for the purpose of executing the project deliverables timely and safely.

In concluding, from the delivery the first fully imported 1600 MT crawler crane into Southern Africa, to its swift mobilization, coupled with Sarens' flexibility to work within the client's technical obstacles, spatial limitation and time constraints, Sarens has re-established its mark in impressing Sasol, as well any local competition, by beating the odds in the succeeding execution of the Sasol CTFE project.