Sarens Ranked #2 in the IC50 Rankings 2018
Once again, Sarens bags the second rank in the IC50 rankings for 2018 with an IC Index of 2,395,855
July 2018

The International Cranes and Specialized Transport magazine released the IC50 rankings of the world's largest crane-owning companies for 2018. Companies are ranked by their IC Index, calculated as the total maximum load moment rating, in tonne-metres, of all cranes in a fleet.

Sarens made major investment in capacity building and increasing the number of depots to serve the heavy lift and specialised transport industry. With sincere efforts of our teams we successfully launched one of the largest cranes of the world, the SGC 140. The teams are further working to release the SGC 90 variant of the ring cranes to meet the demand of the market.

In the same year we have opened four new depots globally: Hinkley Point in UK, in the Czech Republic, Paris in France, and Kazan in Russia. The reason behind this decision was to either expand our rental offering, or to get access to project work around those regions.

We joined forces with Turkish LAM Makzume, an international group of transport companies offering a complete range of shipping and marine services, transportation and logistics services. Our objective is to expand our operations in Turkey and neighbouring countries.

Most of our focus and finances are diverted towards the TCO project where we are working towards serving our client with excellence. To demonstrate our commitment to the wind market and to our clients, we adapted our organisational setup in 2017 by forming a specialised and passionate team of Wind professionals. The team focuses on being closer to our clients, both commercially and operationally, and to serve projects with local, tailor-made solutions. The objective of our Wind team is to provide the most attractive solutions and the best operational results to our clients.

We are thankful to our talented employees who work with dedication and excellence to establish Sarens as a reference in the market.