Sarens Ranked #3 in the IC T50 Rankings for 2018
Sarens maintains its worldwide IC T50 ranking by adding new transport equipment in its one of the largest fleets worldwide
August 2018

Each year International Cranes and Transport Magazine releases its top 50 companies in the field of specialized transport. In its 14th year, the rating has grown as the reputed and comprehensive listing of the world's largest specialized transport companies. The Transport 50 Index is calculated using the total carrying capacity in metric tonnes of all specialized transport equipment in a company's fleet. 

Consistently maintaining its fleet, Sarens is ranked #3 again for the IC T50 rankings 2018. We raised our IC Index by an impressive 9.5%, moving from 146.966 in 2017 to 160.966 in 2018. Our equipment is available quickly, and can be deployed all around the world. We can provide them with or without operator, for long and short term duration. Sarens takes care of everything: from maintenance to the necessary certificates, so you can perform your specialized transport project with the finest equipment, ready to go. 

The CEO, Wim Sarens says, "We are working towards specialising our asset base even further with investments in a brand new SGC-140, an SGC-90, and 800 axle lines, whilst selling a number of small capacity cranes. This resulted in a total net investment of 119 million euro in our fleet." 

He further adds, "Looking forward to 2018, our organisation will continue operating with flexibility so as to adapt to the changing markets. Responding to our clients' needs and diligently improving the way we operate will guarantee us success in the pursuit of our mission: to be the global leader and reference in crane rental services, heavy lifting, and engineered transport projects. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Sarens employees for their dedicated efforts and commitment, as well as to extend my sincere appreciation to our clients, suppliers, and business partners for their proven loyalty."

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