Sarens Lifts Generator Stator Units in Pakistan
Sarens lifts two 660MW generator stator units for Hubco Power Plant in Pakistan
July 2018

The Karachi division of China Energy commissioned Sarens to undertake the lifting and installation of 660MW generator stator units for the Hubco power plant in Karachi, Pakistan.

The client had pointed that the bearing capacity of the concrete platform was only 3T/m2 and length was 19m. Hence, no support was allowed along the concrete platform. For this reason, our team planned and decided to deploy 2000x800x33600 modular beams to be used as skidding support beams. Even the units could not be parked in the installation position due to the constrained space of the maintenance area. Hence the units had to be turned by 90 degrees. Sarens decided to deploy Sarskid 432 to turn the generator stator units on ground. 

To execute the project, Sarens deployed modular gantry system with four units of 185T Strandjack and Sarskid 432. The equipment was transported from Malaysia to Pakistan through sea. A total of 25 containers were deployed and it took 10 days to reach the site. For each generator unit, it took the team around 20 days for gantry installation and lift. 

Each generator stator unit weighing 358.54T was turned by 90 degrees on the ground, lifted, and finally skidded and installed on its foundation. During the installation of the first generator stator unit, the equipment was not able to reach the edges of the building, the challenge was an overhead crane which was blocking the way. The team had to perform tandem lift to lift 2 sections of the modular beams weighing 40T. 

The eight member crew performed the operation in the quarantined and protected site by the army due to local safety issue. According to Project Engineer, Lim Cheng Kiat, "This was a challenging project especially on communication part as most of the local personnel and client were not able to understand basic English." Operations Manager, Stéphane Tradigo adds, "As the team wasn't able to go out for any local purchase, we had to make sure that all necessary equipment was packed inside our containers before they were transported to Pakistan. A challenging work preparation and good experience for our team!"