Precisely Engineered and Perfectly Planned Rental Operation Executed in the UK
Sarens AK680-3 successfully lifts the 250T trawler, Guiding Light, in Whitby, UK
January 2019

One of the challenges that shipbuilders face is getting the vessel into the water once building has been completed. Sarens was asked to launch the brand new trawler, Guiding Light, in the historic fishing town of Whitby in the UK.

For a boat 26m long, 8m wide, standing 12m high and weighing over 250T, this is no easy task. Precision engineering and planning was a necessity due to the tight confines of the build yard. To execute the lift Sarens rigged the AK680-3 as it had the capacity, stability, and its small footprint could be engineered into the tight confines of the yard. The AK680-3 was rigged with 42m main boom, 30m superlift back-mast, and a 200T superlift counterweight.

The fact that the shape and weight distribution of this type of object are irregular meant that Sarens came armed with specialist equipment designed to disperse the weight, facilitating a controlled, level, and safe lift. The day prior to the installation operation, a test lift of the trawler was preformed to ensure that everything would work as per plan.

Lift commenced with the owners in attendance as part of the official launch ceremony. Once the full weight of the trawler was taken by the AK680-3 and the 200T superlift counterweight was active, the trawler was slowly and precisely slewed anti-clockwise until directly over the water. The trawler was slowly lowered in the water, releasing the weight from the crane and completing a safe and successful lift.

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Watch the video of the operation here!