Sarens Celebrates Green Day at the Tengizchevroil Site
February 2019

Sarens, the global leader in crane rental services, heavy lifting, and engineered transport, has signed the largest project in its history with Tengizchevroil ("TCO", the "Client"). The Client has entrusted Sarens with undertaking the land transportation and installation of the Pre-Assembled Units, Pre-Assembled Racks, and associated oversize equipment required for their US$ 36.8 bn Future Growth and Wellhead Pressure Management Project (FGP-WPMP).

Recently Sarens employees at the TCO site participated in the "Green Day". "Green Day" is one of the housekeeping and cleaning activities which focus on a sustainable environment. TCO advised all its business partners on project, to conduct "Green Day" before the end of 2018 so that we start 2019 with a clean and tidy workplaces.

All white collar and blue collar staff were involved in "Green Day" which took place on 31st December, 2018.

Sarens is strongly committed towards the environment. Across 65 countries of our operation, our activities not only comply with the needs and requirements of the market but are also implemented with respect for the environment. Sarens is committed to the prevention of pollution and therefore restricts the production of waste and emissions to a minimum; it takes measures to use energy and natural raw materials sparingly, and investigates alternatives to the use of hazardous substances.

We are proud to state that our total strength of around 5000 workforce in 9 regions works towards a better environment. Most of our business units in the world are ISO14000 certified and our SHEQ team has been leading the initiatives to lower the effect on environment.