Sarens Releases the Very First 360° Video in the Crane Industry
Sarens launches the first of a kind Virtual Reality (VR) experience documentary featuring Champlain Bridge Project, Canada
August 2017

It is with great pride that Sarens presents you the very first 360° video in the crane industry - the new video of our  #Howwedoit series. Like in so many other fields, Sarens is among the pioneers in launching a Virtual Reality (VR) experience documentary. Our first VR video features our Floating Foundation Installer(FFI) and shows how we installed the footings of the New Champlain Bridge at the Saint Lawrence river in Canada. The video lasts around five minutes and shows the complexities of the Sarens operations which were smoothly executed with the celebrated, custom-made equipment. Everything from the footage to the music has been carefully selected to enhance viewer experience. 

We invite you to watch the video in 3D on your smartphone. To watch the video and appreciate the full extent of its beauty, you will need goggles, a smartphone with headphones, a strong wifi connection, and social media access. Start by clicking here and then on the 360° button on YouTube. The 360° button is an icon that looks like goggles. Once again, make sure you are connected on a strong wifi network and not a mobile data network as this will jeopardise the quality of your experience rendering it incomplete and senseless. 

It took three days of shooting with a 360° camera on site the New Champlain bridge, 48 hours of post-production, and a crew of 12 people to produce this VR video. Sarens would like to thank all the professionals who were involved in the production of this video. Very special thanks to the Champlain team; without their help and technical guidance, it would have been impossible to bring this unique project to fruition.