Sarens Replaces 230T Filter at the Cement Plant in Lumbres, France
Sarens performs lift and installation at Eqiom cement plant in Lumbres
May 2017

Sarens recently replaced a filter at the Eqiom cement plant in Lumbres, France. Eqiom, a subsidiary of the Irish group CRH, employs 1.500 people in the production of cements, aggregates, and ready-mixed concrete as well as the treatment and recovery of waste. Its Lumbres plant produces approximately 750.000 tonnes of cement per year. 

The filter replacement operation demanded careful study and preparation by Sarens engineers and operators. The load they would lift weighed 230 tonnes and measured 13.7 x 10.8 x 20 metres, with a radius of 22 metres. They needed to plan how to execute the lift flawlessly despite two major constraints: first, they had to work in a confined space. And second, they would be slinging on 12 points, all below the filter. 

With careful planning and execution, Sarens successfully conducted the operation on behalf of client TS Industrie. They used a CC 2800 crawler crane with full ballast and SSL, as well as 45 trucks for rigging. Working as a team, 18 Sarens crewmembers successfully removed the old filter and installed the new one. 

"I would like to thank all the Sarens crew who carried out the lift in a safe manner, despite the confined space," said project manager Arnaud Mathias.