Embracing Excellence: Sarens Launches #BESAFE - A Pinnacle in SHEQ Commitment
Unveiling a New Era of Safety Leadership: Sarens Introduces #BeSafe, Elevating SHEQ Standards Globally Through Innovative Initiatives and Collective Commitment
February 2024

Sarens is delighted to unveil the inauguration of our latest Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHEQ) brand, #BeSafe, marking a transformative milestone in our unwavering commitment to the welfare and safety of our stakeholders.

#BeSafe has been meticulously curated and crafted in collaboration with the entire Sarens community, encompassing families, esteemed clients, and key contacts. This initiative follows a period of sustained enhancement in our SHEQ performance, underscoring our steadfast dedication to elevating safety standards across all facets of our operations.

Inspired by the historical significance of hand gestures in the heavy lifting industry, the #BeSafe campaign revolves around a distinctive hand gesture. By placing both hands on one's chest, forming a symbol reminiscent of a human heart, we convey the essence of personal safety. This gesture serves as a powerful reminder that for SHEQ to truly be effective, it must be deeply ingrained in one's heart, emphasizing the paramount importance of love and respect within the workplace.

To fortify the impact of this initiative, we have developed a comprehensive suite of materials, including a detailed video (watch it here) elucidating the genesis of the brand and the symbolism behind its logo and hand signals.

We extend an invitation to both our internal and external audiences, the global heavy lifting community, to leverage this rich repository of material, placing SHEQ at the forefront. Through this campaign, we aspire not only to communicate Sarens' steadfast commitment to SHEQ in our daily operations but also to inspire the broader industry to perceive Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality as fundamental pillars in both professional and personal spheres.

This brand launch fills us with immense pride, and we eagerly anticipate observing the widespread adoption of the #BeSafe ethos on a daily basis.

In the upcoming weeks, we will disseminate related content across our social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. We eagerly look forward to guiding our community toward a collective commitment to ensuring the safety of each of us, facilitating a secure return home for all every single evening.