Elevating Infrastructure Excellence In Egypt's New Capital Light Rail Transit – LRT Project
Sarens Works in Egypt to Build The LRT in New Capital, Cairo, Egypt
February 2024

As the global demand for advanced transportation infrastructure continues to surge, Sarens stands at the forefront of innovation, delivering unparalleled expertise in complex lifting operations. This past October, Sarens collaborated with Concord to undertake the installation of precast beams for the Light Rail Transit – LRT project in Egypt's New Capital, showcasing our commitment to excellence and ingenuity in the field of heavy lifting.

Considering the load and the limited area of operation, Sarens decided to deploy the CC4800 SH (54m. MB). The crane was transported from another project upon completion and assembled in three days.

Undertaking the installation of the LRT beams, each measuring 35 meters, weighing a staggering 145 tons, and spanning 20 meters, presented a unique set of challenges. However, with Sarens' meticulous planning and expertise, the project progressed seamlessly, with picks continuing for a month at a height of 12 meters. Despite the tight confines of the site, Sarens' adept crew navigated the crane with precision, ensuring optimal positioning for the lifts. A nearby road had to be closed to facilitate crane movement

Sarens prioritized stringent safety protocols, with two crew members dedicated to overseeing operations and always ensuring adherence to safety best practices. The project According to Project Manager, Mohamed Abd El Nasser, “Through the LRT project, Sarens continues to redefine the boundaries of what is achievable in infrastructure development globally and Egypt in particular.”