Sarens Helps Recycle Decommissioned North Sea Oil Platforms
Sarens partners with AF Offshore Decom to demolish and lift platform parts
March 2017

Since February, Sarens has been working with AF Offshore Decom to recycle the Janice A and Murchison oil platforms, currently located in the North Sea. The decommissioned platforms will be recycled at Norway's AF Environmental Base Vats, one of Europe's most modern and environmentally sound decommissioning facilities.

Sarens' role in the operation includes the demolition and lifting of platform parts. For this, the Group is using the CC2800-1 crawler crane. Positioned in an SWSL configuration, the crane has a 66m main boom and 66m fly jib, as well as full superlift counterweight tray.

To reach the North Sea platforms, the crane travelled 60 hours from Norway aboard the cargo vessel MV Schokland. Upon arrival, Sarens operators spent eleven days preparing the crane to lift 50t loads.

"The CC2800-1 is Sarens' first large crawler crane mobilised to Norway to work in the demolition and recycling of decommissioned offshore installations," says Sarens project manager Henning Hamland. "We see marked growth in the recycling and demolition of decommissioned oil rigs, and are pleased to be a part of it."

Thanks to its skilled and dedicated employees, Sarens was able to deliver the crane on a tight schedule, addressing minor equipment repairs to certify it in time. The Group also encountered uneven terrain at the start of the project, which AF Offshore Decom addressed by filling out a massive gravel cushion.

Sarens is pleased to be a part of this project, which will continue through December 2017.