CEO Message
August 2017

We regret the recent communications on Sarens in the Belgian press, which are not based on the views from the shareholders or management, and I wish to give some more background on those.

On the exit of Waterland:  
Waterland is a fund-based private equity company, who's business model is to enter companies as temporary shareholders, support their growth plans, and exit at/before the intended life-time of their fund, and start this cycle over and over again with other companies. Waterland has successfully done this throughout the Benelux with many other businesses, and both shareholders will work towards the entry of a new shareholder, in line with our shareholding agreement. The Sarens family shareholders remain committed as shareholders for the future. 

On the BBI (Belgian Tax Authority): 
We regret the recent press coverage on the BBI file, as Sarens has worked patiently for the last years with all stakeholders on this complex file. 
This press-leak will not prevent us from continuing to work together towards a solution.
Sarens has filed a complaint to preserve its rights.

Finally, we are proud of the recent press coverage on our core activities of lifting and shifting our client's most important, heavy, and complex equipment, thereby featuring amongst others our SGC-120 in the UK, the New Champlain Bridge project in Canada, the Sarens endeavours in the wind sector, the numerous projects of great significance we have signed in Australia, and the largest project in our Group's history for Tengiz Chevronoil. We will off course keep sharing proactively with the press our achievements.

Best regards
Wim Sarens