Sarens Assembles Two High-Voltage Pylons for Brabo Project
Sarens' mighty CC-6800 cranes assemble 195-metre high pylons in Antwerp
June 2019

Working on behalf of client Eiffage, Sarens used two CC-6800 cranes and several supporting telescopic cranes to erect a pair of 195-metre high-voltage pylons for the Brabo Project in Belgium.

The Brabo Project aims to reinforce the high-voltage electric grid at the Port of Antwerp, which is essential to the country's power supply and the port's future economic growth. This reinforced network will allow Belgium to improve import and export of electricity with the Netherlands and to increase the capacity at the Port of Antwerp.

As part of this project, Sarens was responsible for installing two 195-metre masts that form the basis of the high-voltage network. The two 195m tall, high-voltage pylons were built on both sides of the river Scheldt in April and May.

Next, in preparation for the lift, Sarens used a range of telescopic cranes with a capacity of up to 500 tonnes. Under the direction of project manager Jonathan Verheye, the crew set up the pair of CC-6800 cranes on either side of the river. The crane was first set up in an SWSL 96m x 48m configuration to assemble the first sections of the 195m high pylon, for the upper parts, the crane was reconfigured to SWSL 96m x 102m configuration.

Sarens had to be extremely careful and precise in designing the solution for this project so that the erection of the high-voltage pylons did not impact the gas pipeline corridor located next to the project site. The corridor includes over 20 gas pipelines, and extreme care had to be taken so as not to disrupt it. Sarens worked out several possible solutions for the client, and the final solution was accepted and approved by the gas pipeline owners.

Work on this project was completed in the first week of June 2019. Thanks to schedule optimization, Sarens could significantly reduce execution time, which ultimately benefited the client. Sarens would like to thank everyone involved in carrying out this important operation and ensuring the project's success!