Sarens Showcases its Nuclear Capabilities at the 5th India Nuclear Build Congress
Stijn Sarens presents Sarens' solutions and the SGC cranes to serve and be part of India's nuclear expansion.
May 2019

India is a growing nuclear power having 22 nuclear units currently which provide India with 6219 MWe of generating capacity. India has planned to reach 22.48 GWe Nuclear Capacity by 2031 through domestic and international cooperation, which accounts for 5-6 percent of the overall energy mix. Currently, 7 nuclear units totaling 5400 MWe are under construction. Construction is planned to begin on 19 further units within the next few years, including 10 indigenously designed PHWRs which are scheduled to start by 2031 as well as reactors from overseas vendors.

On the other hand, Sarens is a globally recognized leader in nuclear power sector. We have been associated with some of the major nuclear projects served by our 3200T - 5000T capacity SGC cranes. Sarens has recently launched the biggest crane in the world - the SGC 250 with a lifting capacity of 5000T. One of the most unique features of SGC-250 is it's the ability to relocate the fully-rigged crane on site from one lifting position to another. This is not only unique to Sarens, but to the entire global crane industry. The crane has two sets of wheels: one for slewing 360° and one for travelling. The second set is hydraulically retractable and is pushed out whenever the crane needs to travel. 

To showcase our capability of providing customised solutions for the expanding nuclear market of India, our Global Key Account Manager, Stijn Sarens addressed the 5th India Nuclear Build Congress in Mumbai this May.

The India Nuclear Build Congress is one of the most recognized nuclear industry conferences in India, focusing on Nuclear Power Projects, both under construction and proposed. The event focused on national policy, international collaboration, nuclear partnerships, nuclear liability, financing & risk management, projects updates, reactor technologies, and supply chain and fuel cycle. The event was attended by stakeholders from the government, regulators, utilities/operators, reactor vendors, EPCs, consultancies, nuclear fuel cycle companies, and technology & service providers to address the emerging trends and challenges of the Indian nuclear sector. 

Sarens talked about the newly launched SGC-250 and its capability to serve the nuclear sector. Stijn also discussed our custom designed solutions for optimisation and safer and faster execution of nuclear power projects. He adds, "It was a great platform to address the key decision makers of the nuclear sector, understand the needs of the sector, and design apt solutions. The audience was very enthusiastic about our massive SGC-250 crane and its unique features."