Thousandth KAMAG K24 axle line delivered to Sarens
With the delivery of the thousandth axle line on 27th June 2013, the focus was not on looking back but instead on the future.
July 2012

"The world is our market and it is precisely here - namely, across the globe - that we want to continue to steadily grow. We are on the way up. Nothing is too heavy or too high for us", said Ludo Sarens, President of the Board. "Having reliable vehicles at our disposal is the most important thing as we have to rely 100 % on our equipment. Those who want to be at the forefront of our business cannot afford to have any breakdowns or malfunctions; therefore, we continue to strengthen our fleet with KAMAG modular transporters", added Sarens. In particular, integrating KAMAG Transporttechnik in the TII Group, the recognized world leader in heavy-duty vehicles, provides the required framework for ensuring reliable delivery and a long-term partnership between Sarens and KAMAG.

In recent years, Sarens has been continuously investing heavily in the expansion of its modular transporter fleet. Sarens placed an initial order for a total of 4 platform elevating transporters complete with hydrostatic drive back in 1985. In 1989, this was followed by the first order for two 4-axle modular transporters which proved themselves to be a flexible and powerful transport system during operations. This resulted in a continuous expansion of the modular transporter fleet in the following years.

 The high-performance K 24 modular transporter from KAMAG is used for moving large industrial installations, transportation of complete bridges or other large components. Loads ranging from 10,000 to 15,000 tonnes are no longer uncommon. In the shipbuilding sector, too, modular transporters from the TII Group are being used more and more. Depending on the weight of the ship sections to be transported, customized transporter combinations can be configured which precisely match customer requirements.

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