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Offshore Wind – The Future of Energy
November 2022

The future of energy is offshore! As global energy faces bigger and bigger challenges, the realisation of critical infrastructure relies on the delivery of the massive projects that are required, and that’s where Sarens comes in. 

Sarens is powering tomorrow’s world through its ability to deliver the critical transport, construction, and installation solutions. Whether it be loading monopiles or lifting wind farm jackets, Sarens has the equipment that can make it happen!

We are a one-stop solution for everything offshore. Our extensive fleet of SPMTs can deliver precision transport for truly enormous loads. Our barges come in every possible configuration, giving ultimate flexibility to meet the needs of any project. We operate a world-leading selection of cranes, gantries, and climbing, jacking, and skidding systems. To top it off Sarens' family of giant ring cranes, known as the Sarens Giant Cranes, include the world’s biggest crane (SGC-250) and our humungous fully electric marvel (SG-90, or Little Celeste). By combining equipment and services, Sarens has the capability to execute even the most complex of projects, from onshore logistics to offshore installations, and from concrete foundations to wind turbine generator components. 

In-house design and engineering enables the production of the custom solutions our clients need, from TP handlers, to moving transition pieces, to barges in endless configurations. Many of our new creations are made specially to advance offshore transport and installations. 

We know our world depends on new sources of energy, and we will do everything we can to be a key part of the journey that will take us into a bright future. Sarens is proud of its century of heavy lifting experience, and even more proud of its vision into centuries still to come.

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