Bridge Installation near Vladivostok
President Medjedev keeps control on our tight schedule!
June 2011

LOCATION: Vladivostok - Russia
EQUIPMENT: SPMT's; SARspin; LR11 350

Sarens participated in the installation of a bridge over the Eastern Bosporus Strait. The bridge will connect "Russky Island" with the Nazimov Peninsula and will have a span of 1.104m. 370t bridge sections were transported by SPMT's and lifted with an LR11 350 and SARspin (hydraulic alignment device incorporated in slinging concept).The giant concrete pylons of the bridge had an elevation of over 300m above sea level. President Medjedev visited the job site during crane activities.
The bridge is to be  commissioned in July 2012,  just in time for the APEC Summit held in
Vladivostok in September 2012.

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