Giant legs can walk in deep seas without wet pants!
Location: Bremerhaven - Germany
Equipment used: 2 x CC 6800; barge Louis
August 2012

After the manufacturing of the Jack Up Vessel "Victoria Matthias" in Asia, it sailed to Bremerhaven for the finishing touch. Sarens lifted the 4 jack-up legs into the ship. Each of these jack-up legs weighs 650t and has a length of 78m. The tandem lift cranes were 2 x CC 6800. Due to the "never-seen-before-so-high" jack-up legs, both cranes needed a boom length of 108m!

Sarens also lifted 4 identical jack-up legs in a sister ship. The Vicoria Matthias has enough capacity to transport and install towers, nacelles and blades of 3 wind turbines in the 5-6 MW class during one trip to an Offshore Wind Farm. With these legs the ship can jack itself up so high that it can stand in the deepest known offshore wind farm sites without getting wet!