Sarens performs heavy lift and specialised transport for Ivens in Rupel
Sarens transports 21m broad tank over land and water followed by its installation for Ivens
May 2018

Sarens was roped in by Ivens to carry-out the transport and installation of a 165T tank. The tank measured 21m in diameter and was the first time for Ivens to have manufactured a tank of this dimension. They trusted Sarens to execute the job and our operations team in Belgium skillfully carried out the transport of the tank over both land and water and later installed it onto its foundation in Prayon Ruisbroek.

Sarens performed the transport and lift of the 165T tank having a height of 60m using the following equipment:

  • Barge
  • CC3800
  • 2 x 16 axle lines SPMT
  • 700T telescopic cranes 

The SPMTs transported two parts of the tank out of the shop of Ivens in Antwerp followed by lifting the roof onto the bottom part of the tank with 700T telescopic crane. The SPMTs further transported the tank from Ivens yard to the quay where it performed the load-out onto the barge. The barge sailed the tank from the Antwerp harbor to Prayon Ruisbroek where the team safely carried out the load-in of the tank which was finally lifted with LBC onto its foundation. In 3 hours the tank was unloaded from the barge and safely lifted onto its foundations. 

The transport was a challenge as the tank was taking the total width of the road and had to be carefully moved. Peter Van de Perck, Board Member, Ivens commended the efforts of the team and said, "From Ivens, we congratulate the entire Sarens team for the smooth execution of this project. Also in difficult circumstances you have proven to be solution and customer oriented. Especially the dedication and professionalism of Stéphane De Maegt, Sarens Operations Manager, during the entire project, has charmed me tremendously".