Sarens Sales Director Addresses the Challenges Faced by the Global Energy Sector
Sarens Sales Director, Gert Hendrickx spoke at the seventh World Crane and Transport Summit
December 2019

The seventh World Crane and Transport Summit took place on 13-14th November 2019 in Amsterdam. The event was attended by around 200 delegates from some of the largest heavy lifting and specialised transport companies from all over the world. The event is a key meeting place for users and buyers of cranes and transport equipment as well as manufacturers and distributors. The 2-day program included conference and gala dinner.

Sarens Sales Director, Gert Hendrickx, presented at the WCTS event and spoke about the “New challenges for heavy lift and transport in the global energy market”.

Sarens is the #2 player globally with one of the largest fleets worldwide having state-of-the-art heavy lifting and complex transportation equipment. We have unique project management and engineering capabilities to provide turnkey solutions in all major industry verticals and a strong know-how developed with around 70 years of successful track-record.

Gert spoke about the power sector describing in detail the renewable sources of energy. He mentioned that the links between energy and geopolitics are strengthening and becoming more complex, a major factor in the outlook for energy production, consumption, and security. The rapid growth of energy brings huge opportunities but the market design needs to deliver both electricity and flexibility to keep our lights on. According to him, “There is no single solution to turn emissions around - renewables, efficiency, and a host of innovative technologies, including storage, CCUS and hydrogen, are all required to help the sector grow.”

He also talked about a few of the key solutions that Sarens offers for the challenges faced by the renewable sector:

  • Our massive crane, the SGC-250, which was inspired by the increasing trend towards modularisation. This trend, together with our in-house engineering expertise, led to the construction of this enormous crane. This massive crane has a maximum load moment of 250.000 metric tonnes and the ability to lift 5.000 tonnes. It's the strongest crane of its kind, with all the features and flexibility of a fully-mobile ring crane with winches and cables, hook blocks, and the ability to slew 360°. One of the most unique features of SGC-250 is it's the ability to relocate the fully-rigged crane on site from one lifting position to another. This is not only unique to Sarens, but to the entire global crane industry.
  • Sarens TP handler, the in-house designed specializsed equipment, essentially a 35-metre SMLT tower with one 650T-capacity strand jack and SPMTs, to maneuver the transition pieces much faster than a crawler crane could do in a limited space. The TP handler expertly maneuvers each module to its designated position on the quay, carefully setting it down into position.