Sarens lifts and installs press machine sections in Cairo
Sarens works for Samaya to install press machine sections in Cairo, Egypt
October 2023

This past May, Sarens worked for Samaya to install press machine sections in their plant in Cairo, Egypt. Sarens was onsite for a week where the crew had to perform seven picks of press machine and other small sections. The press machine weighed 47T.

A set of Sarens gantry system – SL200 was used for the installation. The gantry system was transported from Belgium from Sarens subsidiary Samoco. Managing all the permits, the gantry was transported to Egypt in around 60 days and was assembled onsite in two days.

The press machine was lifted and then moved using the gantry system and smoothly installed on the foundation. Our crew of four completed seven picks in a week to successfully complete the operation.