Sarens Egypt Power Day
Sarens Egypt organizes the first Power Day in Cairo
Sarens presented smart solutions to overcome Egypt's power and energy challenges.
July 2013

Cairo, Egypt, June 11, 2014:Sarens Group, a worldwide leader in crane rental services, heavy lifting and special transport projects, today organized the first "Power Day". In the presence of its partner Ayad Sons, Sarens unveiled different solutions, not only for heavy lifting and exceptional transport, but also for the energy challenges Egypt is facing.

One of the highlights of the "Power Day"  was the introduction of different solutions and technologies for the solar energy market, as Egypt is one of the major countries in the world blessed with sun all year round. Sarens in collaboration with its solar and other renewable energy technologies partners JA Solar and ABEINSA have revealed that with the present rate of usage, all fossil fuel resources will be practically depleted within this decade, thereby stressing the need to develop cheaper sources of renewable energy of which solar applications would play an important role.

"With our integrated network of operations across Egypt and collaboration with JA Solar and ABEINSA we can elevate the shortage in the power needs of Egypt, especially in the period that followed the revolution. Egypt's solar potential is tremendous. With 2,000 to 3,200 kilowatt hours worth of solar energy falling on each square meter of Egyptian soil every year, the country has some of the highest levels of solar radiation in the world. That's why we chose today to present our solutions to all relevant entities so that Egypt would overcome the energy crisis" Mr. George Ayad, Sarens Egypt Managing Director stated.

During the event Sarens also presented their extensive range of transport and lifting equipment, ranging from trailers suitable for public road transport to the latest state-of-the-art computerized self-propelled transporters. The Sarens fleet consists furthermore of telescopic cranes between 5t and 1200t, lattice boom cranes (both truck mounted and crawler cranes) and tower cranes.

"Our experience is unmatched in the market, covering all areas of major industry such as oil and gas production, onshore and offshore (wind) energy, petrochemical, mining, nuclear energy and civil projects. We have a strong team of high-level engineers who design technical solutions based on the customer's needs and who are responsible for the detailed implementation. We can offer our solutions to any medium to large scale projects through an integrated network of operations across Egypt." Ayad added.

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