Focused Contract Management Training Organized for Sarens APAC Division
Training on Sarens project management (SPM), risk management in contracting and insurances, and contract administration conducted for the APAC division of Sarens
June 2017

Sarens headquarter organizes a mandatory contract management training for all its business units globally at regular intervals for process innovations, improvisations and achieving high levels of efficiencies.

The training for the employees of Sarens Asia-Pacific region was recently organized at the India office in New Delhi. The training was organized around the theme, "Failure Costs in Contracting: How to eliminate?"

The main purpose of training is to reduce project failure cost during sales and operation phases by understanding and focusing on Sarens project management (SPM), risk management in contracting and insurances, and contract administration.

The training is organized for enhancing the skills of our employees in the specific field of contracting, getting better understanding of key principles of contract, teamwork approach, identify red flags of contract for minimizing risk and familiarize with the golden rules of a contract and the SPM process. The training instructor gives practical tips and tricks for key requirements of the various clauses under a contract in order to be able to comply with our obligations and substantiate our cases. Ultimately the training results in reducing risk and eliminating project failure cost.

The Group Operations Director, Marc Verhaert, one of the key instructors of the training, remarked, "During the trainings, a lot of people start to realize the importance of getting a full understanding of what we sell, what we sign, and what we execute while negotiating bids and contracts with clients. They also realize that teamwork during all phases of the SPM process actually helps in obtaining that understanding. It is the only way forward that will allow us to improve our performance, both in sales and operations, and prevent failure costs related to bidding and contracting the services that the company provides". Regional Legal Counsel for APAC & Africa, Sarens NV, Leelian Kiang mentioned, "Participants are very engaging during trainings, showcasing an admirable teamwork during dialogue/discussion sessions". 


One of the participants, Le Bich Chi, Assistant Sales, Vietnam said, "To me as a newcomer, attending the training definitely improved my knowledge because it gave me a chance to understand contract administration in much detail. Moreover, I also learnt from the experiences shared by our colleagues from different countries".

Deputy Regional Director for APAC and Africa, Navneet Jain expressed his views saying,  "Being a leader, interacting with my team as one of a participants is a memorable experience. I could nurture my team as a mate, motivator, and master, sharing each other's views and experiences related to this vital subject in our industry.

I thank Marc Verhaert and Leelian Kiang (instructors) who made this session successful with their dynamic and distinctive coaching skills."